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Handheld Suspicious Objects Identifier

Handheld identifier bases on Raman spectra technology. It combines intelligent algorithms with rich data library, and can be used for field nondestructive inspection of suspicious objects. Narcotics and precursors, explosives, and hazardous chemicals can be identified, and it is suitable for drug control, anti-terrorism, anti-smuggling, safety supervision and other fields.

Technical Features:

  • Can inspect substances in glass, envelope, plastic containers
  • Has built-in micro imaging system to focus the beam to correct position and inspect trace samples on site
  • Has automatic calibration system, can avoid operation errors, and to ensure accuracy
  • Small size and light weight, suitable for handheld operation
  • Can be charged wirelessly and suitable for continuous use for a long time
  • Has complete evidence chain, can combine the result, photos and other information to get a report

Model: RS1500

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