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Nuctech RF Series Rail Vehicle / Cargo Inspection System

The Nuctech RF Series Rail Vehicle / Cargo Inspection System is an ideal solution for a quick and non-intrusive inspection of rail vehicles at a fixed rail station or border crossing. The RF series design concept originated from the customized requirements of our customers around the world, which is a good example of the positive interaction between the company and the market.

The RF series adopts the 6MeV or 9MeV high energy linear electron accelerator as its radiation source for penetrating and inspecting fully loaded rail vehicles. With patented Fast Sampling (FS) and Speed Self-Adaptation (SSA) technologies, the RF series can inspect train cars at speeds up to 30 km / hr (60km / hr optional) without any distortion in the image.

Technical Feature :
  • Secured drive-through railway security solution at speeds up to 30km/hr without any image distortion
  • Automatic image separating function to identify and store images of each railway car of a long train
  • Function well in harsh weather conditions such as extremely cold, hot, windy, rainy or snowy
  • Unique FS and SSA technologies for high performance and advanced IDE technology for better material discrimination
  • All the core technologies of the system are owned by Nuctech
Technical Data :
  • X-ray source type : Linear Electron Accelerator
  • Scanning Method : Scanned objects move while the scanning system remains still
  • Standard Number of Operators : 4 (one system control operator and three image inspectors)
  • Voltage : 380 ± 10% VAC, 3-phase 5-wire or configured according to clients’ requirements
  • Frequency : 50 ± 1Hz or configured according to customer requirements

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