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Nuctech RT Series Raman Spectrometer

Nuctech offers RT series Raman spectrometer for the inspection of narcotics, explosives, threat liquids, etc. It gives accurate name and main properties in about 5 seconds and the operation is very easy. RT series Raman Spectrometer can be widely applied in transport hubs such as airports, ports and borders as well as important buildings including government buildings, banks, museums and venues for major events.

Technical Feature :
  • Accurate and rapid identification for suspicious liquids
  • Extensive library - adding new by users
  • Reliable result in 5 seconds typically
  • Non-transparent container detection
  • Adaptive packaging recognition
  • Non-destructive and non-radioactive
  • Standard USB and Ethernet interface for data transfer and software update
  • User friendly interface with touch screen

Nuctech RT1003EB Liquid Security Inspector

Based on Raman spectroscopy of molecular detection, Nuctech RT1003EB Liquid Security Inspector can analyze and identify most dangerous materials in various containers. It combines non-transparent packaging identification in order to screening opaque container, such as metal container, black container and so on. Unique design of two-sided door enables RT1003EB to work for dual-channel inspection at the same time. With its excellent performance that ECAC approved, RT1003EB Liquid Security Inspector can be a powerful and ideal solution at airports for Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) in all types of containers.

Technical Data :
  • Dimension / Weight: 755mm × 442mm × 532mm / 27kg
  • Battery: 50Hz / 60Hz±3Hz
  • Voltage: 220V / 110VAC (-15% ~ +10%)

Nuctech RT6000S Handheld Identifier

Nuctech RT6000S handheld identifier is the new generation of handheld detection equipment for the unknown material identification. It is use for quick identification of drugs, precursor chemicals, dangerous liquids, explosives, jewelry, jade, industrial raw materials, etc. The built-in safety inspection module can detect the material without any difference. Detection of dark, black material without ignition risk. With a weight of less than 500g, it is suitable for single hand operation and can be carried.

Technical Data :
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Li-battery, 4-6h
  • Size: 160mm × 84mm × 30mm (without probe)
  • Size: 160mm × 84mm 30mm (without probe)

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