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Nuctech MW1000AA Body Inspection System

Without physical contact, the Nuctech MW1000AA can quickly scan passengers using secure millimeter wave technology to automatically detect hidden objects. It requires a 2-second stationary position to scan each passenger. No special movement is required and it is characterized by its compactness, high performance and unique privacy protection. It is adaptable and suitable for security inspection of people in civil aviation, customs, stations, secret agencies, commercial buildings, military bases, events, conferences and other checkpoints.

Technical Feature :
  • Millimeter wave imaging technology: No-ionizing radiation emitted
  • Superior inspection capability: Effective detection of metal/non-metallic weapons, lEDs, liquids and narcotics concealed under clothing
  • Privacy protection: Generic image displayed to protect privacy; Automatic threat detection meets ECAC standard 2
  • Multiple operation mode: Compatible with stand-alone operation, remote operation, mobile operation, and integrated solution
  • Convenient maintenance: Modular design, key components are easy to repair and replace
  • Small footprint: Easy to fit in most checkpoints, wheelchairs allowed

Nuctech TH1800B Terahertz & Infrared imaging instrument

By applying advanced passive terahertz technology with precise infrared detection technique, TH1800B Terahertz Imaging Instrument can achieve long-distance (2 to 3 meters), unconscious inspection as well as body temperature monitoring without stopping individuals. This new product provides outstanding features in its non-radiation, high throughput and invisibility. Specializing in rapidly and automatically detecting metal and non-metal objects concealed under clothing and alarm for abnormal temperature in the meantime, it has many applications for the rapid screening of people at customs facilities, loss & prevention,important event and other security checkpoints.

Technical Feature :
  • Passive terahertz technology: No ionizing radiation is emitted
  • Infrared thermography: Abnormal body temperature measurement. Error range ≤ ± 0.3 ° C
  • Real-time images without perception
  • Privacy protection: The generated image does not demonstrate detailed body surface characteristics
  • Superior inspection capacity: Effective detection of metallic / non-metallic weapons, IEDs, liquids, narcotics hidden under clothing or suicide vest
  • High performance: Detection distance of up to 4 meters, throughput is 2000 people per hour
  • Automatic threat recognition: Deep learning technique contributes to automatically locate suspicious items
  • Covert and easy deployment: Small footprint, plug & play


Pass-through full-body-view micro-dose X-ray transmission imaging system with a conveyor.


Can be deployed in correctional facilities, law enforcement, border crossings, customs, special events, etc.

Targeted Contrabands:

Detect contrabands concealed under clothing or in body cavities: including weapons, explosives, drugs, smuggled goods, mobile phones, jewelry, gems and precious metals etc.

Technical Feature :
  • Non-contact full-body X-ray transmission imaging: No need to take off the shoes; Identifies threats hidden on and inside the full body with one scan
  • Various functions: Remote control, centralized management system, various smart terminals and safety accessories optional
  • Radiation safety: Comply with the IAEA and ANSI N43.17 standards
  • User friendly: One-click scan, real-time imaging, modular design, easy to install and maintain

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