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Nuctech CX Series Mail & Small Baggage X-ray Inspection System

Based on the best proven CX products platform, the CX X-ray inspection system has fully inherited the world-leading image performance, integrated user interface, advanced imaging enhancing algorithms, powerful functions and network applications with high reliability, safety and economy.

With compact size and portability, the CX X-ray inspection system meets screening demands at government offices, court, mail rooms, embassies, exhibitions and other security sensitive areas.

Technical Feature :
  • Unsurpassed high image quality by optimized X-ray generator and high resolution detectors
  • Advanced dual-energy material classification technology can accurately detect threats and contraband
  • Efficient operation with ergonomically designed user interface
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP) ready X-ray systems
  • Optimized concept of operations, centralized image interpretation and storage capability implemented by various network applications
  • Highly integrated, compact and portable design enables minimal footprint and rapid relocation

Model: CX5030T, CX5636B, CX6040BI, CX6040D, CX6550BI, CX7555BI, CX7555D

Nuctech Kylin Ti X-ray CT Inspection System

Nuctech Kylin Ti is a newly developed X-ray security inspection system for hand luggage. The advanced dual-energy technology deployed, Kylin Ti is capable of detecting explosives, liquid explosives, narcotics, and other contrabands automatically with a lower false alarm rate.

With a high belt speed and compact dimensions, the Kylin Ti is an ideal solution for screening baggage in airport checkpoints, Customs, critical infrastructures, governmental buildings, events, etc.

Technical Feature :
  • Designed to meet the latest regulations, ECAC EDSCB C3 approved
  • Automatic detection on explosives and other contrabands with high detection rate and lower false alarm rate thanks to the dual energy technology
  • Generates sharp, 360° rotatable 3D image, CT slice image, and independent high-resolution 2D image
  • Higher efficiency due to the 0.2m/s belt speed, fast image processing, and continuous scanning
  • Plug-in Installation due to compact machine dimensions, different voltage options, and standard platform design
  • Integrates with Automatic Tray Return Systems and Centralized Image Processing Matrix, seamlessly integrates to existing checkpoint
  • FlexOneTM training simulator and Nuctech Security Training Cloud for online training
  • We know AI detection for weapons and customized items
Technical Data :
  • Tunnel Dimensions : 624mm(W) x 420mm(H)
  • Max. Baggage Size : 610mm(W) × 410mm(H)
  • Conveyor Height : 702~717mm
  • Conveyor Load : 160kg
  • Dimensions / Weight : 3230mm(L) × 1330mm(W) × 1685mm(H) / 2000kg
  • Power Supply : 220VAC / 110VAC (-15% ~ +10%), 50Hz / 60Hz±3Hz
  • Power Consumption : 3.2kVA

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