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Nuctech Company Limited (Nuctech) is an advanced security & inspection solution and service supplier in the world. Relying on independent innovation and following the customers’ demands, Nuctech provides the most advanced technology, superb products and integrated solutions in the security inspection industry to our customers from more than 170 countries and areas in the globe.

Covering Civil Aviation, Customs, Railway, Highway, Urban Rail Transit, Postal Logistics, Public Security and Justice, Environmental Protection, Nuclear Power, Irradiation and Quality Testing, Metallurgy, Finance and Big Events and other areas, Nuctech helps our customers in keeping the homeland security and people safe, which earns user’s great reputation around the world. Currently, Nuctech has become an internationally famous brand in the security & inspection industry.


Nuctech is a globally advanced provider of security inspection products and solutions. Building on independent innovations and customer demands, Nuctech has supplied customers in more than 170 countries and regions with the most advanced innovative technologies, excellent quality products and integrated security inspection solutions and services.

Passenger Car & vans

The Nuctech CS Series passenger car inspection system is a new generation top-view portal inspection system.

Truck & Heavy Vehicle

The Nuctech FS series is a unique, high-performance X-ray inspection system through a drive-through portal.

Parcel & Luggage

Nuctech Company Limited offers a series of X-ray inspection systems for luggage screening, with various tunnel sizes and dual-view options.

Mail & Small Baggage

high belt speed and compact dimensions, the Kylin Ti is an ideal solution for screening baggage in airport checkpoints, Customs, critical infrastructures, governmental buildings, events, etc.

People Screening

Without physical contact, the Nuctech MW1000AA can quickly scan passengers using secure millimeter wave technology to automatically detect hidden objects.

Trace Detection

Nuctech TR series is applied to identify the presence and type of trace substances of explosives and narcotics, which may be collected from sampling on baggage, vehicle, and even people.


Nuctech has one of the most extensive product portfolios in the security and screening sector. The most representative of these are the mobile, cargo and vehicle inspection, baggage and parcel inspection, personnel screening, explosives, narcotics detection and liquids inspection.



Its core products have been approved by regulatory agencies, including the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the UK Department for Transport (DfT) and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC).


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